Tips For New Bird Owners

If you’re a new bird owner, or if you are considering getting a bird this is the perfect blog post for you and one you won’t want to miss! Like most first time bird owners, you are probably assuming that it’s going to be relatively easy. Well, your not actually “wrong,” but it’s not as easy as you would think. You need to make sure that you prepare yourself, as well as your home for your new pet. Also, just like any pet, you want to make sure that they’re entertained when you’re away. So many people forget that ALL pets (not just cats and dogs) enjoy toys! Once you read over our tips you will surely be all ready for your new bird in no time!

Make sure your bird is getting a healthy diet. Ask your vet their personal recommendation on what to feed your bird, how often, if you should frequently switch out their food and any other questions you may have about their diet.

Make sure your home is bird-proof. Electrical cords and outlets, water sources, plants, toxic substances, chemical fumes, and much more can all be harmful to your bird. This especially means locking up your cats when your bird is out! Read up on bird-proofing your home and make it safe before you even bring your new bird home at the following link: https://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=15+1912&aid=3110

Make sure your bird has toys! Believe it or not, sitting in a cage all day can get boring! Any toy is fine, but make sure you at least have 2 or 3 starting out to give your new pet some options and find out what types of things they prefer. Once you have an idea of that you can then begin to get more toys that fit with your bird.

Always be respectful! Yes, that sounds very silly but just read this before laughing! Birds actually tend to seek hiding spots in the wild, so it’s never ok to add stress to your bird by teasing, or causing any un necessary problems. If you tend to have people over a lot, it’s best to keep your bird in a “quiet” room. Just like any pet, your bird needs a good night sleep and does not need any distractions such as lights on all, noises, interruptions, or anything else that could be disrespectful. This is why being respectful to your bird is important!

Finally, make sure your bird is in a fun environment! After all, they do have to live in the cage, so why not make it as safe, fun, and LARGE as possible! We think it’s important for your bird to have space! Check out these awesome ideas:

cage1 cage2 cage3 cage4






Hope you enjoyed this blog post  :- )



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