Great Ideas For Your Guinea Pig!

For those of you with pet guinea pigs, you know what great joy and fun they can be! Guinea pigs are very social, herd animals, so naturally you will find that they happier and healthier with another guinea pig. If you currently only have one guinea pig, you will notice that their overall behavior has changed (in a good way) and their overall activity level has gone up. If you do decide to get a second guinea pig, be sure that the guinea pig is of the same sex or one in the pair is neutered or spayed. That’s just a general tip, and one great way to keep your guinea pig very happy! One of the things you can do is create a wooden structure in their cage, either a wooden house or a wooden tunnel. These are used for chewing, much more often than most “chew” toys.

chew 1 chew 2







toy 1






Try hanging from a small bungee cord or string stretched across a corner or hang from the top of a covered cage. Try attaching with pipe cleaners, cable ties, or a large paper clip. Make sure they are safe and well constructed with large parts that can’t be swallowed.

toy 2






Try some cat toys

Some guinea pigs like the balls with the bells inside. Use with caution. They may separate. Make sure they are safe and well constructed with large parts that can’t be swallowed. The wire balls with a bell inside may be a safer option than the plastic variety.

toy 3







Quick tip, Using a ball like this will HURT your guinea pig.  Their backs are simply not designed for this.  Let your guinea pig have floor time without one of these.







Here’s a great idea from cutehomepets.com

To entertain your cavies while you’re away, get them Hidey Houses to climb and play hide and seek with. Toilet paper and paper towel tubes also make cheap but very entertaining toys for cavies. And although your cavies need exercise, please don’t get them training wheels as these can injure your cavies spine. Cavies get their exercise by playing with you in the living room to do their famous popcorn in a large guinea pig run.

Check out these AWESOME guinea pig cages/play areas for some ideas of your own!

g1 g2 g3












This is a guinea pig cage with nearly 40 sq ft

g5 g6












The middle U shape lower level, the white grid opens up for easy cleaning, and the right side (opposite the tube side) the very end grid also opens up.

If you just can’t get enough of these guinea pig cage ideas be sure to visit https://www.guineapigcages.com/photos/ where you can actually find hundreds of amazing ideas! Not all of these photos came from that website, but we’re sure that between these and photos from that website you will find your guinea pigs the home of their dreams!

If you are a guinea pig owner, or wanting to get a pet guinea pig and have any questions please let us know! We will provide you with the answers or lead to the place where you can find the available resource. Be sure to share anything guinea pig related with us! We would love to know about any yummy treats, fun toys, tips, health care remedies, cages, or anything else that you know!




  1. janice jarosm8

    What are using as bedding in your csgr.

    • 2 Paws Up Inc

      Hi Janice, We used shavings for their bed. It’s been a number of years since our Guinea Pig crossed the rainbow bridge. They can really tug on your heart strings.


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