How To Throw The Perfect Dog Party

Pet parties are a ton of fun, and I 100% recommend them to everyone! Having been to a dog party myself, I can say that if you are smart and plan ahead it will be an absolute blast!

The first thing you want to do is choose a location. For instance, are you having the party at your house inside, outside, a neighbor’s house, a local park, or whatever your location may be.  After choosing the location, you can then make your guest list. You’ll want to plan very specifically according to the size of your location.  Remember, it’s ok to invite kids and adults as well, just make sure that the kids are not rough with the dogs.

After you have received confirmation for the guests who are and are not attending, you can then start planning accordingly. This is mainly all of the small details that you will have to figure out such as the seating arrangements, food (people and dogs), toys, etc.

party 1






The day of the party, make sure that you thoroughly inspect the area.  The party I attended was outside, and if you are having an outside party you would check for things such as small/dangerous animals, any yard supplies/chemicals that can be a hazard, and nothing too small is lying around for any dog to choke on. If you are having an indoor party you would do the same thing as well, but just making sure that all of the doors are also closed.

party 2






This goes without saying, but always make sure that someone is supervising at all times. Most likely nothing is going to happen, but you do not want anything to jeopardize your perfect pet party; so just remember to always keep an eye out.

party 3 party 4 party 5






Make sure that your cake or cupcakes are pet friendly! We cannot stress this enough. Not only are you responsible for your own pet, but all of the other dogs there as well. We went to a local pet friendly health store, and they were nice enough to create “pet friendly” cupcakes. Regardless of where you live,  you can always find someone to create pet friendly foods.

party 6 party 7 party 8






We hope this gave you some great ideas! Pet parties can really be so much fun even with a very low budget.  We would love to hear your thoughts on the idea of dog parties. Also, if you have had a dog party or have been to one, be sure to share your photos with us!

party 9 party 10 party 11



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