Organic, Homemade Dog Food – Good Food in the Nude

Misi and Rocky here again, I wanted to share even more juicy, delicious information about Organic, Homemade Dog Food…We are even healthier for it.  Check with your veterinarian for any supplements your dog may need.  If you want an alternative dog food try Lucky Dog CuisineLucky Dog Cuisine is organic.  We love it don’t we Rocky! Woof, woof, not yuk, yuk!

Organic, Homemade Dog Food – Good Food in the Nude

You’d have to be living under a rock if you’ve missed all of the buzz about organic foods. Even your dog’s heard about it. A whole pack of folks believe that pesticides, herbicides, human waste, sewage sludge, radiation, genetic modification, and artificial additives have no place in or on our produce. But what about meat? Did you know that your meat – and the meat that you prepare for your dog – can be organic, too?

Organic meat is harvested from animals that have been raised without artificial growth hormones or antibiotics, and have not been fed animal by-products. Organic foods provide no more nutritional value than conventional ones, but their attraction is strictly about what’s NOT in them. You’ll be paying more for less (about twice as much) – but, it’s less of what you DON’T want. Most grocers carry organic meat, and if they don’t, ask for it.

Almost any homemade dog food recipe can be converted to organic – by simply replacing conventional ingredients with organically-produced ones.





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