Midday Dog Walking – The Added Benefits

For the pet sitter it just makes good business to offer dog walking services. Why? You provide a valuable service to the both the four-legged client and their owners. Dogs don’t like to be cooped up all day. The owners have to rush home to let the dogs out. Midday dog walking is the perfect service that benefits the dog and their owner.

Owners, have you ever wondered why your dogs get so excited when they see other dogs and their owners walking by your home?

1. They too want to go for a walk.

2. I would venture to say your dogs are probably thinking this is better or as good as their favorite treat. So why not go for a walk.

So, when your dogs are barking for treats, and you are thinking perhaps I should limit their treat intake because the dogs are getting fat. Try these ideas:

1. Go for a walk!

2. Better yet, hire a pet sitter to walk your dog. By the time you arrive home it’s getting dark or already dark outside. Your thinking it might be too dangerous to walk in the dark by yourself even if you have your four-legged companion with you. Again think about hiring a pet sitter to walk your dog during the day.

3. You can go to the gym.

4. You can go shopping,

5. You can have dinner with friends.

6. You can take a class, and learn something fun or learn something to further your career.

7. You can attend your kids’ afterschool functions.

The bottom line…You won’t have to say…I am sorry but I have to go home and let the dogs out.



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