How To Leash Train A Cat

You should start training cats inside.  Cats can get nervous if they see or hear dogs, cars, people, sirens, and motorcycles.  It’s almost like training a dog but more complex.  You must buy a harness and a leash at your local pet store.  Cooked chicken is good for treats.  Put little nibbles in a Ziploc baggy and you’re ready to start training.


  • Harness and a leash. To find the size measure the cat’s chest before purchasing the harness and make sure the harness is adjustable.
  • Treats or give them cooked chicken.


First Day of Training:

1.       Don’t stress the cat.  Start with just having him/her just be in the harness.

2.      Give them lots of attention.

3.      Give them just a few treats.

4.      Praise them.

Real Training Starts:

1.       If the cat is still stressed in his/her harness don’t move on to the next step.

2.      Attach the leash and have your cat roam around.

3.      Hold the leash and pay a lot of attention to your cat.

4.      Don’t leave the cat unattended with the leash on.

Time to Start Controlling your Cat:

1.       Start walk but don’t tug. This will take a lot of patience.

2.      Hold out a treat if the cat does not come. If that doesn’t work pick the cat up, move him a foot forward, and point him in the direction you would like to go.

3.      Then give him/her a very small treat.

4.      Repeat the process for 8 to 10 minutes then wait an hour.

Mind game:

1.       You want your cat to think that he/she is the best thing in the world when they have their harness on.

2.      Every once in a while take the harness off and pay no attention what so ever to your cat for a couple of hours.

3.      Then put the harness back on and give him/her lots of attention.

Keep training until your cat is a pro:

1.       Then take him/her outside.

2.      Remember your cat is scared of noises and dogs.  Don’t get upset at the cat if he or she refuses, just warm your cat into it.

Also, when your cats is used to the harness you could substitute it for a collar if you wish.

Original article can be found: https://www.wikihow.com/Leash-Train-a-Cat



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