Finding the Right Groomer

Spring is the time of year we get outside and meet more of our neighbors. We start planting flowers, and fixing up the yard. We also find ourselves going on diets, changing our hairstyles and vowing to exercise more. Then we want to show off our pets while we walk in the neighborhood or at the park.

With this in mind, the article is meant to help you find that perfect groomer for your pets. You can start your search by asking friends, people you work with, or by asking a pet professional such as your vet, pet sitter or local pet supply store who they recommend. If your particular breed requires specialized grooming, ask the breeder if local, for a good recommendation or what specific questions to ask the groomer.

Groomer quite often will groom cats. People tend not to think of grooming cats. Cats, especially long haired cats. need grooming when their hair becomes matted. Mats are also very uncomfortable and may cause a numerous health issues. Grooming long haired cats on a regular basis can help prevent fur balls from clogging the intestines.

Don’t wait too long to schedule your appointment. Groomers are good at what they do and are often busy. So don’t wait until the last minute to schedule a grooming appointment. 2 Paws Up Inc has three groomers who we recommend without hesitation.

Grooming By Lisa, in Snellville (Centerville).
Louise Tucker with A Woof A Whinny And A Purr in Snellville.
If you are looking for a mobile groomer, The Grooming Fairy.

Check with places like the BBB, Angie’s List or the local ASPCA to see if any complaints have been filed against the groomer and why. If you make an educated decision, you will find a wonderful groomer who will have a lifetime relationship with your pet.



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