6 Tips When Traveling With Your Dog

You have decided to take your dog on your trip.  What do you need to keep this a low stress event?  This could be a major hassle if you don’t make the right choices.

1.    Plan ahead for accommodations.

Check with the hotel/motel to be sure they allow one or multiple pets and if they have a weight limit. Check with friends or family to be sure they are welcomed, and have a pet friendly home so they won’t have to be placed in the garage or tied up outside.

2.    Collar with ID.

The collar should have your dog’s name, your name, current phone number, as well as current proof of rabies shot. Microchip your dog is another great thing to have done. We will talk more about Microchiping in a future article. Carry a vet identification card or papers. A must is to have their collars with their ID tags on whenever they are outside.  No matter how well behaved your dog is outdoors when away from home have a collar on your dog.

3.   Car safety.

Insure the safety of your pet in your vehicle by purchasing a dog car seat, or a dog car harness, or a dog crate.  Your pet will be more comfortable with the use of this equipment as well as more protected if your car has to stop suddenly.

4.   Train your dog.

Your dog should be well-behaved during the trip.  You should have basic dog training before a trip.  Your dog should know basic dog commends like, sit, stay and down.  Before embarking on a long trip, be sure to take short fun trips in the car.  Take your dog to the park.  I have never met a dog who did like to go to the park for a walk.

5.   Don’t forget the dog supplies.

Food, water, dog bowls, collar, leash, plastic bags for poop, medications, favorite dog toys, and treats.

6.   Preparedness.

Emergencies can happen so be prepared when traveling with your dog.  Take a Pet First Aid and CPR class, have an emergency kit, and prepare a list of veterinary hospitals in the area where you will be staying.



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