5 Tips to Make Back to School and Pet Care Fun!

Quite often parents end up taking full responsibility for pet care when school starts back.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  There is a great way to teach your child responsibility. Make it fun, and not something to feel guilty about or have it become a chore.  Make it a family affair by pitching in and teaching that it will make life easier.

Below are 5 tips you can do to make it a family affair.  Parents can start with negotiating simple short tasks:

If getting ready for school on-time is a problem, then the parent can feed the dog breakfast and the children can feed the dog at dinner.

As a parent what better way to find out how your child’s day was by walking the dog after school.  What a great way to bond more with your children, as well as getting some exercise in for the day.

Try something fun like, first down the stairs puts the dog out.

Since it is August it will be warm outside so make sure your dog has plenty of fresh water for the day, and has a cool place to spend the day.  This takes less than two or three minutes.  Time it, and see what I mean.

If you must leave the dog outside, be sure it is secure so that your pet is safe from wild animals, such as Coyotes, they have been seen in urban areas or the neighbors dog who always runs loose.

Enjoy the benefits that the family dog offers your family by sharing enjoyable times like walks in the neighborhood, as well as hikes in the neighborhood parks.  You and your children will feel more connected together caring for a pet.  You might even encourage your child to read to your pet each evening.

Information provided by R.R. Cratty.

Some suggested resources:

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